Bass Guitar Clock J-Bass


We always need more bass! The S-Model’s big cousin. This wall clock has the shape of a jazz style bass guitar. Its forward angled design results in a dynamic piece that makes your whole interior groove. The J-bass has withstood the test of time. It seems this one was always here and always will be. This is the bass you learn your skills on and will keep forever. A true classic.

Hand Engraved Message

Add a personalized message to the back of the clock to make this guitar clock even more unique. Great as a gift or just add a personal touch. Add for example a name, date and/or a short message. The message will be hand engraved with a technique called pyrography (burning of the wood).

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Guitar wall clock by Ruwdesign: Designed and handmade in The Netherlands

To preserve the magic guitar look and feel the guitar clock is a scale version of the original guitar design. We applied an all natural solvent free oil to add depth and rich color to the wood. Every single piece is a unique eye catcher! The guitar shape in combination with straight metal hour hands make it a perfect fit for almost every interior or music studio, both contemporary and classic.

Solid oak

If everything is possible, what wood would you choose for your guitar clock? Exactly! That’s why all our guitar wall clocks are made of solid oak. European oak. Super strong, durable and it looks stunning. We applied a construction technique that adds strength and prevents warping. Combined with the organic guitar contour the result is a very classy and lively design.

Sustainable design to last a lifetime

A sustainable, timeless piece that will last a lifetime is the ultimate goal. Due to the choice of materials in combination with the material finish this wall clock will age beautifully. Even when accidents happen and some minor guitar shaped damage occurs this will add a story to this unique wall clock without destroying its looks. Just like a real guitar!

– To support a green and healthy future Ruwdesign plants a tree for every product sold –

Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 37.5 × 25.5 × 2.4 cm

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